The Guardian Roofs team at Pure Conservatory Solutions can provide advice on which conservatory roof style would suit your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a room that you can use every day of the year. The new Guardian Conservatory Roof is an ideal solution for replacing your existing conservatory roof and for new builds. It will feel like a home extension for a fraction of the cost while maximising room space.

The Guardian Conservatory Roof system is the only roofing system that complies with building regulations. All of our installers are fully trained and are qualified tradesmen. Our clients tell us how it has changed the way they use their conservatory and we pride ourselves on being reliable and efficient. The average job takes three days and it is backed by a 10 year insurance guarantee.

There are many styles to choose from and each roofing style has specific benefits. What you will learn is that each job is competitively priced and we offer a no-obligation free quote. We work extensively throughout the South West so more than likely we can point you to a roof we have installed in these areas.

Our process is simple. We either remove your existing glass or polycarbonate roofing and we install a lightweight, Guardian tiled roof onto your existing frame. When it’s finished you have a tiled roof on the outside and a plastered ceiling on the inside.

Below is a summary of the Guardian conservatory roof styles that are available. Click on your chosen style to see a gallery of Conservatory roofs we have converted with the Guardian Roof System in that style.

Lean To Guardian Conservatory Roof

  • ideal for kitchen extensions
  • maximise space at the back of the house
  • ends can have one or two slopes

Edwardian Guardian Conservatory Roof

  • classic shape
  • attractive design
  • maximises room space

Victorian Guardian Conservatory Roof

  • contemporary styling
  • more options for door positioning
  • 3-facet roof design

Gable Front Guardian Conservatory Roof

  • suitable for replacement or new build
  • continuous room height
  • long ridge down the centre
  • light and airy space

Double Hipped Guardian Conservatory Roof

  • Ideal for bungalows
  • Existing low pitched roofs can be converted easily into this style
  • The most versatile design

Special Shaped Guardian Conservatory Roofs

  • increases your options
  • P shape or T shape that can maximise your living space
  • ideal for converting an old conservatory into a room
  • perfect for bungalows

Roof Tiles

The Metrotile Shingle

All of Metrotile’s roofing products are fabricated from Zincalume®-protected steel. Metrotile’s textured finish provides added protection by embedding natural stone granules in an acrylic base-coat. A final clear acrylic over-glaze is applied before being oven cured. This extremely durable UV-resistant coating enables Metrotile roofing products to withstand the harshest environments around the world.

Metrotile is ISO 9001 accredited. International test reports, appraisals and field results confirm our products are 100% waterproof, earthquake safe, fire resistant and able to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 190kph (120mph). A Metrotile roof will not only safeguard your investment but will also give you complete peace of mind because it’s backed by a Metrotile warranty.

You will not find a more durable, versatile and attractive roofing product on the world market that will surpass Metrotile’s quality and affordability.

  • Lightweight high grade steel with Aluzinc® for incredible strength and resistance
  • Suitable for pitches as low as 15°
  • Designed for both roofs and vertical walls
Antique Red Tile Guardian Conservatory Roof

Antique Red

Ebony Tile Guardian Conservatory Roof


Burnt Umber Tile Guardian Conservatory Roof

Burnt Umber

The Metrotile Shingle textured-finish tile captures the subtle look and charm of low-profile traditional shingles. With a Metrotile Shingle roof, you can eliminate the delaminating, lifting and general break-down caused by strong UV rays and high winds associated with other shingle roofs. With its exceptional durability, a Metrotile Shingle roof offers superior performance and all the advantages of stone-coated steel. Metrotile Shingle comes in a choice of natural weathered tones to recreate the visual appeal of timber, asphalt or fired-clay shingles.

Extensive research and development in the design process ensures every Metrotile product is manufactured to the highest quality with exceptional durability and strength. The tile profiles and roofing accessories are engineered to interlock and overlap to resist wind lifting and keep out the harsh elements. At less than 7kg/m2, a Metrotile roof is a ‘Lightweight Roofing System’, so considerable cost savings can be achieved during construction. The perfect replacement for your old existing roof, a Metrotile roof lets you improve the look and value of your home in a matter of days.

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